Rick Martelli

Rick has been working for Tom as a medical paralegal since 2002, following many years of experience in various physical therapy positions.  His experience spans numerous sectors of the health care field, including orthopedic, neurological and traumatic care from childhood through the end of life.  He is well versed in interpreting diagnoses and summarizing treatment plans for diseases and injuries impacting clients at all stages of recovery.

Rick acts as a liaison in coordinating information between medical professionals and clients, helping to provide the basis for clear legal arguments in different types of injury claims.  Through his medical and legal experience, Rick has become a strong advocate for clients with personal injury and medical malpractice claims.  He carefully reviews the entire medical care of each case and clearly identifies how negligence can physically, emotionally and socially disable an injured client.

Rick enjoys keeping physically fit and educating others about healthy living, longevity and healing.  In his free time, he plays guitar, tends to his vegetable garden and helps family and friends with home improvement projects on the weekends.  Rick also volunteers at local organizations of need and serves as a teen leader in youth ministry at Holy Cross.

Curriculum Vitae

University of Vermont
(B.S., Physical Therapy, Cum Laude, 1998)

Honors & Awards
Isola Braun Award


  • APTA - American Physical Therapy Association
  • PCRM - Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
  • American Legion
  • VFW